BC hosts spring pathway fair

Lanfray Lanfray, Feature Editor

With the 2019 fall registration coming up, students may need assistance figuring out their next course of action in terms of which classes they still need to take. To help remedy this, Bakersfield College hosted a pathway fair with information on all the available programs of study on April 1.

This pathways fair was designed as a way for students to connect directly with professors and faculty if they had any questions about their major, transferring, or just to get a heads up on the student government issues such as the recent transportation fee proposition.

The office of student life was available to share information on the Renegade Pantry as well.

The Office of Student Success and Equity provided a free meal for those who attended. Students were encouraged to earn their lunch by visiting at least six booths. Aside from the information they provided, a few of the tables even offered games for a chance to win a small piece of BC merch.

Laura Lanfray
Information on different programs of study at BC was available for students as students could with teachers and receive some insight on their degree path.