Jane’s Chill Grill provides fresh tastes

Logan King, Reporter

The Huddle is housing basic food fare for students, but just outside there is a nice variety of food trucks available. Unfortunately, these trucks are not created equal. 

Jane’s Chill Grill sets itself apart from the other trucks featured at Bakersfield College. Mexican is available at Pa’l Norte and Burgers at Banderas Grill. 

However, Jane’s offers something different. 

Jane’s is going through a recovery period at the moment as their truck was stolen in March. With a few exceptions, the setback has not affected the quality or punctuality of the truck. 

The menu at Jane’s offers an interesting variety of sandwiches from classic American to Asian inspired. Along with those come the assumed sides like French fries and onion rings. 

The food, as with other trucks, can get a little pricey. 

However, at Jane’s you will not be disappointed with your purchase.  

Lunch for two will run about $20-$25 for a sandwich, side and drink for both. 

The turkey bacon avocado sandwich ($9) was a refreshing cold sandwich for a warm afternoon. The sandwich was a good size and every ingredient was tasty. 

Unfortunately, the French fries ($2) were dried out and unremarkable. It seemed they were lacking in fryers for the number of students being served by the truck. 

The real action was in the fried chicken Bahn mi sandwich ($7). A fried chicken sandwich is treacherous ground for anyone to tread, let alone a food truck. Thankfully Jane’s Chill Grill did not fall victim to a dry chicken or bland batter. The batter on the chicken was done very well. The chicken itself was moist and flavorful. The other ingredients of the Bahn mi paid homage to its Vietnamese inspiration. 

The sandwich provided a nice heat with a floral aspect provided by the cilantro. 

Janes Chill Grill is a hit and it will only get better as they recover from their recent setbacks.

You can find this truck at BC Monday through Friday from 9am-4pm. Other frequent spots or the truck are Dionysus Brewing in our fledgling brewery district. 

Otherwise, they can be found on Facebook and Instagram.