Karaoke Knight brings students together

Shawn Collins, Reporter

The BC Student Government Association played host to Karaoke Knights in the Levinson Hall on Thursday and, although the turnout was relatively small, there was no shortage of enthusiasm. What the gathering lacked in size, they eventually made up in charisma, as students stood up to belt out their favorite songs from artists like the Smiths to Beyoncé.

At first, the nervous atmosphere in the room was palpable, and understandably so, considering the close quarters within the SGA office where the event was held. The only noises came from fragmented bits of small talk and an occasional squall from the sound system as organizers finished setting up the audio.

It wasn’t until SGA Senator Connor Harris got things underway as MC, that participants were able to shake off their jitters and allow themselves to get absorbed in the spirit of karaoke. Enthusiastic English major, Isaac Tiede, especially helped to loosen the tension when he stood up and said, “Now anyone can come up and sing horribly because I’m singing horribly now.”

After that, students began cheering each other on and engaging in genuine enthusiastic conversation.

It was soon apparent that the focus of the event was more to bring students out of their comfort zones and get them talking to each other, rather than showcase their vocal skills.

“We wanted to give students a chance to break the ice with each other and get to meet new people,” said BCSGA Vice President Daniel Escobar, and that’s precisely what they were able to do. By the time Karaoke Knights came to a close, it was clear that SGA succeeded in providing a comfortable, judgment-free space for students to come together and have a good time.