Renegade Room celebrates funding for new baking equipment

Mariah Olivarez, Reporter

The Bakersfield College Renegade Room was open in celebration  after receiving $135,000 of funding from the Strong Work Force and the California Lottery on Sept. 11. 

The money was used to upgrade the equipment in the kitchen and purchase new furniture for the restaurant.

Since the late 80s, the Renegade Room has been serving customers and leaving them happy and hungry for more. 

The menu changes weekly and is very diverse, from barbecue to Asian cuisine 

“There is something for everyone,” according to Cooking Department Assistant Christian F. Castaneda.

Only open three days a week, the room still manages to have a great turnout, especially from regulars. 

Not only do customers come back for the food, they also come for the service and to witness the growth amongst the students and to see the success of the restaurant.

Tuesdays, the room is open for dinner and offer a more ornate sense of dining. 

Wednesdays the room is open for lunch from 11:30a.m. to 1:00p.m. It can be hectic but the faculty makes sure the advanced students are there to make everything run smoothly. 

On Thursdays the Renegade Room offers a buffet.

The restaurant is run by the students of Bakersfield College as they apply the lessons they are taught to run a restaurant and cook certain recipes for the week. 

The faculty instructs the students and demos for some of the dishes they will serve for the week. 

These demos go along with the student’s coursework. 

Once all is taught, they then observe and step in only when they are needed during restaurant hours.

This year the faculty grew with one new member, Chef Anna Melby Street, who specializes in  baking. 

Much of the new equipment the department has attained, thanks to the generous funding, was upgraded for the baking course. 

Because of this funding, the staff is sure that their restaurant will continue to grow and become even more successful.

The Renegade Room is family friendly. 

They welcome all and make sure everyone is completely satisfied with both food and service before they leave. 

Both the students and faculty work together smoothly to make this restaurant successful, they are all supportive of one another and are always willing to help.