Kern County Museum hosts first-ever Brunch Fest

Tiarra McCormick, Reporter

This weekend the weather served up the sunshine, sunglasses, and sunscreen.

These were mandatory at the Bakersfield first-ever Brunch Fest. It was held at the Kern County Museum for 21 and up.

The event showcased various vendor restaurants that serve brunch locally. The restaurant vendors served bite-size food samples and alcoholic beverages and for the nondrinkers, they provided bottles of water and diet soda.

As people walked into the event they had their purses checked and tickets scanned.

Once they were inside they were able to take pictures in front of a photo wall then were given a glass with the Brunch Fest 2019 logo and a plate to hold their food. 

 There were two sides to this event, bubbles and beer and Keg and eggs.

On the Bubbles and Beer side, was a stage set up for the live band, plenty of mimosas, and T-shirts and bags being sold.

People also bought Halloween themed cookies and watched as a green cake was frosted into a unicorn using purple frosting and multi-color sprinkles. 

On the kegs and eggs side, beer, sparkling wine, and Micheladas were being poured. A DJ from Hot 94.1 was playing the latest hits and kept the crowd entertained.

Many people attended the event went for various reasons.

Visitor Lori Tholl and her husband attended spent their time walking around enjoying the Brunch Fest and seeing what they could do for next year’s Village Fest.

Judy Buchanan was gifted tickets as a birthday gift from her son and husband,

“I have been looking forward to this all week.” said Buchanan. She also said she loved the different vendors and trying new foods and drinks she would never have thought of trying. 

Brunch Fest attendees were made up of people who won tickets on the radio, people who were given tickets by co-workers, friends, and people who bought tickets. At the end of the event, there was a raffle for prizes, last call for drinks, and last-minute pictures.