Veteran’s Resource Center to be relocated on campus

Jacqueline Gutierrez, Reporter

The Veterans Resource Center at Bakersfield College offers a program to help veterans transition back into civilian life.

The Veterans Resource Center faculty director Paul Beckworth directs and coordinates activities and gets supplies that are needed for the program.

One service that the Veterans Resource Center offers for veterans is educational counseling. Armando Trujillo is the veteran’s educational counselor and he helps veterans choose classes that correspond with the GI Bill and goes over educational planning with the veterans.

“We have a computer lab, free printing, snacks, informational luncheons on Wednesdays, and we have math and English tutors,” Beckworth said.

In addition to educational services, the Veterans Resource Center assists veterans transition from a structured military life to an unstructured college life.

“You’re kind of tossed out there, your military buddies are no longer with you, you’re out on your own again and sometimes it can be scary and the idea of this place is to make sure that they can come here, return, and keep them moving in their education,” Beckworth said.

The Veterans Resource Center collaborates with the Veterans Club, which is advised by Tommy Tunson and Paul Beckworth, who participate in events, like parades and campus events. They sell cotton candy at the football games, set up an information booth, and they help run the Vet Fest, during the Veteran’s Day parade where they display afloat.

In November, the Veterans Resource Center will be relocated from Levinson Hall to the new campus center, located next to the forum.

“There are almost no words, the excitement, the joy is just through the ruff, right now we are in the busy stage of moving in few weeks,” Beckworth said, about the relocation of the Veterans Resource Center.