“Carol of the Bells” premieres at Fox Theater

Alex Gutierrez, Reporter

Inclusion Films premiered a heartfelt Christmas themed movie called “Carol of the Bells” Tuesday night at the Historic Fox Theater in Bakersfield.

The event kicked off with the actors and actresses of the movie walking the red carpet in front of the Fox as the community was steadily filling the theater.

Inside, it was nearly a full house at the premiere with guests and actors occupying both levels of the theatre.

The community came together to watch this first-of-its-kind film that featured 70 percent of its cast and crew with a developmental disability.

The film was also almost entirely filmed in Bakersfield as there was historic snapshots and scenes from popular landmarks around the area all throughout the film.

The inspiration to name the movie “Carol of the Bells” came from Carol, the main lead, and her fondness to play the bells every Christmas, as it is always a tough time of year for her.

However, the film centers around a troubling past of the main character Scott trying to overcome the truth about his biological mother after the life-long search for her after being left for adoption as a child.

Although, Laughs were heard and guests were bawling with tears throughout the auditorium at certain scenes of the movie all while rejoicing in the Christmas theme.

The film included a lot of recognizable faces starring well-known actors and actresses such as RJ Mitte playing Scott, he is most notably recognized for playing Walters son in Breaking Bad. The cast also included Donna Mills, Geri Jewell, Lee Purcelll and Andrea Fay Friedman.

The cast just didn’t just appear on screen, some showed up for the premiere and red carpet creating a bond with the community as a Bakersfield based film.

The night ended with a Q & A with the audience by the crew and cast.

Questions asked related to whether Inclusions films would be willing to work with more students to produce more films like Carol of the Bells, some questions also directed to the cast explaining what the experience of creating this first-of-its-kind film was like.

Donna Mills mentioned the apparent struggle and difficulty when she first found out 70 percent of the cast would have a developmental disability, then stating that it was actually no-trouble whatsoever & mentioned that each cast member was wonderful in the production.

The community enjoyed this film calling it “Hearty” and “Full of emotion.”

“Carol of the Bells” is expected to play in 8 local theatres including the Maya Cinemas and other theatres in the area these upcoming weeks.