Panorama invitational features local high school artists


Dunia Cantu

Valeria Ugalde “Drummer Boy” piece. Inspired by Josh Dun from Twenty One Pilots.

Dunia Cantu, Reporter

Bakersfield College hosted The Panorama Invitational on Jan 30. For the past three years high school students’ artwork from has been showcased at The Wylie and May Louise Jones Gallery in the library at BC’s main campus.

Jesus Amador, who is currently a junior at Central Valley High School was one of the many students whose art was displayed. His piece was a 3-dimensional sculpture called “Synergy,” that was inspired by figures.

“It’s really figures […] complicated figures,” Amador “Things that are just crazy to look at [served as inspiration]. You see triangles here, but you see different shapes. I really like making tiny things, and my teacher really inspired me to go big.”

He worked in class an hour a day for two weeks until his piece was complete.

The way the show is set up is that the “show is coordinated with the high school instructors that students take the classes from,” Jones Gallery Co-Director, Ronnie Wrest, said.

Those same instructors then go on to select the artwork that will go up on display at the gallery.

“We display the work as it fits together within the space in most cases. Sometimes there are groups of work that stay together due to similarities in style, but overall, it just depends on how they interact within the space,” Wrest said.

Valeria Ugalde, another student whose art was displayed, is currently a junior at Tierra Del Sol. Her piece is named “Drummer Boy” and it is a portrait from one of her favorite drummers, Josh Dun from Twenty One Pilots. It took her a long time to finish this piece, “because I did have kind of like a block for a while, so I started it and I kind of got to half of it. Then I just didn’t work on it for six months,” Ugalde said “I just feel it is a really big moment for me.”

“The reception, parents, and students that come out to see their art work here at the school is always such a really good experience. It’s always an exciting show,” Wrest said.

The students’ art will be displayed up until March 5. Everyone is invited to stop by and take a look during the hours of operation, Monday-Thursday from 3-6 p.m.