Op-ed: Green Day is back and better than ever

Randall Brewer, Reporter

Pop punk/Rock band Green Day released their 13th studio album on Friday and it is special. “Father of all”, the title of the album did not disappoint. All the songs while they are very short show a new side of Green Day that the fans can get into.

“Father of All…” is very political. Lyrics like “fingers up cause there’s no one to trust” shows that even though the song is catchy, the powerful message to the listener is not give in other opinions and just to be yourself. Seems like a good message from an edgy band like Green day

“Ready aim fire” has become a sports anthem that the National Hockey League (NHL). It is fast, in your face, Rock with nonsense as lyrics like “baby got the hyperbole” again very catchy beat and fast tempo, but the lyrics might be hard to understand and is the worst song on the album.

“Oh Yeah” is a hit. Being semi political they send a message of anyone can become famous and that they only chase the money and for themselves.

“Meet me on the roof” is a very beautiful song the story is basically a kid wanting to impress his crush, so he tells the whole school to meet on the roof for a daring jump on a motor bike and in the end, he gets the girl. To be honest, it is odd hearing a cheerful song like this one but it’s very sweet and hard to hate.

“Teenage Teenager’’ almost has a Muse like rhythm. Green Day talked about being a high schooler being “full of piss and vinegar.” Funny how only two verses are the entire song but it’s a hit none the less.

The album goes in an odd turn in “Stab You in the Heart” It kind of reminded me of the early 70s swing rock. They go and make a dark hated song and make it cheerful and hard not to love.

Songs like “Junkies on a High” and “Graffatia” end the album well. Memorable lyrics like “Kool-Aid’s, my motto” and “We were all believers, it’s the perfect crime” shows a deeper message of the times we are living in.

Despite the album being only 26 minutes long Green Day made an album that I would highly recommend.