American Red Cross partners with local Little Caesars

Angel Magdaleno, Reporter

Throughout the month of March, the American Red Cross has teamed up with local Little Caesars giving customers the opportunity to donate to the American Red Cross.

“Feghali Foods approached us last fall and wanted to partner up with [The Red Cross],” said Nicole Maul, a regional communications manager for the American Red Cross.

Feghali Foods is a Little Caesars franchise group in Kern County.

“This partnership allows us to help our customers support those in our community who receive the essential care and hope from the Red Cross and its volunteers,” said Johnny Baklini, Chief Operations Officer of Feghali Foods, according to a news release by the Red Cross.

Eddie Zamora, Executive Director of the Kern County Red Cross said, “To have partners in the community like Johnny and Feghali Foods be so willing and ready to help, it really makes the difference for the families we serve who have been impacted by [a] disaster,” according to the news release.

March has been proclaimed as “Red Cross Month” every year by the white house since Theodore Roosevelt was president. The Red cross gives information on ways to help the community and give back through volunteer work and revolve around what they do in the month of March.

The Red Cross is known to provide emergency, assistance, disaster relief and disaster preparedness in the United States. The funds made through the Little Caesars’ donations will be sent where it is needed the most.

“When you donate the dollar, you can get free crazy bread at participating Little Caesars,” said a Little Caesars employee who is not named on request of anonymity.

“Believe it or not, home fires are the most common disasters in Kern County. We respond to about one home fire every other day,” Maul said.

The Red Cross does not only respond to disasters, but they also focus on preparing for disasters. They help educate communities on what to do in case of a disaster.

“In Kern County, the Red Cross assisted over 200 families affected by disaster[s] and installed over 1500 essential working smoke alarms in homes last year,” according to the news release.

“Volunteering is a way to help, but making a financial donation is also something you can do help with the healing,” Maul said. Sometimes making a donation helps a lot more than volunteering.