BC library presents WHAM and voting book displays

Jacqueline Gutierrez, Digital Editor

Throughout the month of March there will be a book display about women’s suffrage on the second floor of the Grace Van Dyke Bird Library.

The display includes books such as “Century of struggle: The woman’s right movement in the United States,” “Women & the vote,” and “A history of the American Suffragist movement.” Many other books about suffrage can be found on display.

The display was set up by Faith Bradham, who has been working at BC for five years as a reference librarian. There are four reference librarians at BC and their role in the library is to teach the BC students in workshops about research and how to navigate the library.

“We [the BC reference librarians] do book displays every month on different topics, but for March we always do Women’s history month. I’m part of the WHAM [Women’s History and More] committee, and the books displays are how we help with the WHAM committee,” Bradham said.

During the months without a historical role, the librarians come together and choose a fun or educational theme to put on the display.

“When we started back to school, the Australian wildfires were a big deal, so we made a display about that and [we] gave resources for those who wanted to help out with the wildfires,” Bradham said.

On the BC library website, under LibGuides, students are able to find all of the books that are on the book display and other WHAM resources including voting help and events on campus that are happening throughout the month.

“The hope [of the book displays] is that people will feel inspired or feel that they can take a book and check it out and take it home with them,” Bradham said.

On the second floor of the BC library one could even find a book display about the vote, that was set up by Laura Luiz who is another reference librarian, and that display has books about the voting process and electoral college.

“People are always welcome to take a book a book that’s up there [on the book display] and read it and learn more,” Bradham said.