COVID-19 brings Kern County together

Collin Koch, Reporter

Confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Kern County are rising fast. This is not stopping the community of Bakersfield, however, from supporting one another during these times of panic. Churches have formed groups to help those in need of supplies and services, neighborhoods are coming together to support each other and local businesses are supporting those in need.

For example, churches are distributing videos so that children and adults can still watch and hear the church’s message from home. 

Members from The Bridge Bible Church are offering to supplement the community by offering items such as milk and financial support. 

Neighborhoods in Kern County are encouraging those around them by participating in activities such as drawing inspiring messages on sidewalks and windows or even making signs telling others that everything will be okay soon enough. Neighborhoods are also volunteering at the food bank here in Bakersfield. 

Businesses in Kern County and around the nation are helping support first responders. Starbucks is offering free coffee to first responders in Kern County, and Little Ceasar’s pizza is handing out free hot and ready pizza to first responders. 

Some businesses are even letting residents pay their bills at a later date.