BC hosts virtual career expo for students

Collin Koch, Reporter

Bakersfield College hosted an Industrial Technology and Transportation virtual career expo on April 1 for students interested in the industrial career field. 

Various employers from around Kern County had Zoom calls for students to join and ask questions about specific industries.

Businesses like Bolthouse Farms, Crown Lift Trucks, US Army and many more were able to connect with the students during the career expo. 

“It’s great to interact with the students and tell about what we do at our business,” a representative from the Sierra School Equipment Company said.

The Expo was held as a virtual experience due to COVID-19 that is affecting California schools and large gatherings. Businesses, schools and parks in Kern County have closed down due to the virus that has infected hundreds of people throughout Kern County.

BC, and the participating businesses, did not let the virus stop the expo for the students to meet future employers after schooling.

A Bakersfield student who wished to remain anonymous said, “I think the Expo was really cool for us students to get to have a virtual one on one interaction with the employers from several local businesses and get to know what is out there in Bakersfield.”