Sports returning

Collin Koch, Reporter

NASCAR, and several other motorsports, introduced virtual racing to keep fans entertained throughout the COVID-19 racing drought. 

Since the start of COVID-19, race fans have been able to watch replays of past races presented by Fox Sports and NBC Sports network. Fans have also gotten to see a virtual kind of racing with the premier drivers tuning in to compete in the virtual races through Iracing. Throughout all of this, the question remains of when will the motorsports race again. 

On April 25, North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper announced that the NASCAR teams can go back to work, as long as they practice social distancing. 

It’s still not confirmed if the state of North Carolina will allow NASCAR races to be held without fans. Texas and Florida have already granted permission for NASCAR to hold races without fans in attendance.

While motorsports are looking for an early start to get back into the racing season, sports such as golf and tennis are also thinking of following by not having fans in attendance.

These sports could possibly have an easier time starting as the players, or racers, don’t make much physical contact like football, soccer or basketball do. Also, motorsports, tennis and golf are held outdoors, instead of stadiums.

None of the sports have announced official start dates as of April 27.