BCSGA invites students for weekly virtual workouts

Joselyn Green, Reporter

As part of BC’s welcome week, Bakersfield College Student Government Association (BCSGA) has been holding a virtual fitness program hosted by trainer, Casey Babcock called the Renegade Fitness Program, every weekday until the end of November.
According to Benny Balderrama, BC’s Program Manager for Campus Center Events and Services, stated “this program has been going on since March shortly after the campus closed,” and the Office of Student Life started this program.
Due to not everyone having exercise equipment, the program did not required workouts with equipment needed.
All the workouts are saved on the BCSGA Facebook page.
“Fitness is important because it is a natural release, and due to [the] pandemic a lot has been taken away from us. We wanted to make sure that fitness wasn’t one,” Balderrama explained. “The best thing about this fitness program with this pandemic going on is that it takes your mind off of a lot of things going on with only just an hour of fitness.”
He also said that one of the worst things about this pandemic is that communication is from a text chat-box and he can’t change the fact that it isn’t the same feeling of the gym. And confirmed that Babcock created the workouts and made it where anyone can do it with nothing needed besides your device and yourself.
Kern County’s gyms, restaurants, indoor activities and a lot of the outdoor activities are currently closed.
Balderrama suggest for the people who missed the live workouts, the workout videos can be found on the BCSGA Facebook page.
Throughout the hour-long workout Babcock lead several workout routines and explained each one outloud, “left leg up, right leg straight down with your toes on the floor.” After a few minutes of working out there was about a minute for a water break.