Kern Behavioral Health and Recovery Services helps spread awareness

Sydney McClanahan, Reporter

In honor of Suicide Prevention Awareness and Substance Use Recovery Month, Kern Behavioral Health and Recovery Services held a September swag bag drive-thru on Sept. 24.

Kern Behavioral Health and Recovery provides services for adults, child protective services, pregnant women, people that are involved in the criminal justice program, and those who are ready for a change.

Those who were able to drive by got to pick up a swag-bag that contained a notepad, pen, water bottle, a fold-up fan, keychain, and healthy snacks on the go.

The bag also included cards with information on the crisis hotline, treatment services, and ways to stay healthy during the pandemic.

“It’s nice to see our community taking this month seriously and helping spread awareness of something that we see every day in Bakersfield,” Eric Espericueta said.

Kern Behavioral Health and Recovery services also strive to make sure the families of those whose loved ones are affected, understand the journey to recovery, and how they can do their part.

“As someone who is a teacher and has watched addiction burn throughout families, the little things like this make a huge difference. There are many people who don’t know how or where to start their recovery and providing those resources could save someone’s life,” local teacher Kyle Plummer said.

Services such as screening, assessment, Psychiatric Services, Medication Management, Medication Support, Psychological Testing, Individual, Group, and/or Family Therapy, Psychoeducation, Individual/Group Rehabilitation Services, Social Skills Groups, and Targeted Case Management are available for children at Kern Behavioral Health and Recovery.

“As a teacher, it’s our job to create a safe environment for our students. It is important to do what we can to support kids who are watching their families take on this battle while making sure they are safe,” Plummer added.

As a community, it’s important that we show our support and spread awareness to reach those who are looking for help and where to begin.