Guests of Woman Who Podcast give tips on starting a podcast

Thalia Pimentel, Reporter

Women Who Podcast was a live event, on Oct. 13, that featured two local podcasts come together to talk about women representation in podcasts and the dos and don’ts of wanting to start your own. The two podcasts that featured this live event were “Not Your Final Girl” and “Hello Bakersfield!”.
The webinar was hosted by 5 women and it started with information about them and their careers. Carla Barrientos, Ariel Dryer, Gaby Castellanos, Rachel Magnus, and Candace Sluder all women ready to give the community helpful information.
They expressed their desire of wanting to improve the community and along the way themselves. Ariel Dryer admitted she wasn’t really interested at first in starting a podcast about horror movies
“It was kind of crazy continuing to create a space to talk about this stuff such as what we love about horror movies.” Dryer said.
“I first wanted to be a radio host, but I gave podcasting a try and I loved it, once it was time everything came together and made me feel like it made sense to do this for myself,” Sluder said.
As more people listen more people will take exception to what they have to see, the women share how to just move forward, and eventually, everything comes naturally especially with the hard work that goes on behind the scenes.
Magnus asks the big question “Did anyone have any fears coming into this thing?” which then Castellanos responds with “ I feared the thought of people I knew talking to me, I have no idea where the confidence for officially starting the podcast came from but I’m happy I found it.” she said.
The women continue to discuss how reviewing their improvements within their episodes feels good to them and drives them to perfect everything they can and work on their stuttering as well. Sluder says editing is a huge part of podcasting.
“I tend to change my mind a lot, and start recording before getting ready and bring my intro with warming up and messing around then boom that’s our intro, it becomes a little Zen the more you do it, and for sure it is a never-ending practice,” Sluder said.
It’s very focusing and difficult to always want everything put together perfectly. They discussed tips on starting your own podcast. Sluder advised to just record yourself and talk to your phone. Dryer recommended to figure out the audience that the Podcast should bring in.
The Women Who Podcast Event was a genuine, helpful, and outgoing Zoom call.
“We’ve made it!” the women said.