Myths and Truths: DACA and the Dream Act

Nicholas Covello, Reporter

Advisors Rafael Centeno and Marcela Gamino hosted a live workshop for Undocumented Student Action Week on Wednesday, Oct. 21.
The live workshop was meant to showcase many of the truths and myths that surround the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipients, as well as the DREAM Act.
The workshop, which lasted around 30 minutes, covered various common mistakes that people make regarding undocumented students.
First, the workshop explained the differences between DACA and the DREAM Act, with a common myth being that the two are the same thing. It was also pointed out that there are two different DREAM Acts (one being federal, the other being from the state of California,) and that DACA is not needed in order to work for undocumented students.
The workshop then went into detail about how undocumented students have the ability to receive various financial aid opportunities such as the Cal Grant, Chafee Grant, UC Grant, and more.
The audience was also told about Bakersfield College’s free immigration legal services. According to Centeno and Gamino, the school’s free immigration legal services have been “busy for months.”
“There’s plenty of opportunities, but people often don’t realize that Bakersfield College has resources that they can use,” Centeno said during the workshop. “We just want to bring these opportunities to light and let people know that this community and this campus has help for them.”
The college’s free immigration legal services offer undocumented students, staff, and faculty general immigration consultations, assistance on DACA renewals, help to gain access to citizenship, family petitions, FBI and background checks, adjustment of status, and visas. Due to COVID-19, the immigration clinics are currently being held every second Tuesday and fourth Thursday of the month.