The Child’s View video series provides helpful strategies and tips for parents

Saioa Laverty, Reporter

The Child’s View video series are made by BC faculty that includes Dr. Bernadette Towns, Prof. Sharon Brown, and Prof. Rebecca Roth. Towns have a Ph.D. in Child Development with 25 years of experience in the said field. She was the one who came up with the idea. Brown has 40 years of experience in the Child Development field, and Roth has 30 years of experience in the said field.

The first video posted is called “Introduction to Child’s View”. In this eight-minute video, they break down what Child’s View was all about. They explain their background information to let people know their knowledge about the subject and their qualifications for them. They explained that all of them are mothers and have been working in the field for many years, so they know how it is to work with children whether in a face-to-face or scholarly environment.

Towns explains that they’ll be giving advice and tips to parents, grandparents, teachers, and any other people working in childcare.

Roth then said that they will be able to provide not only facts and statistics from research, but they also have their own insight to provide from personal experiences they have in their home on a daily basis.

Their second video is called “The Importance of Books for Children”. In this video, the three of them discuss how important reading is at all ages and they each chose a book to recommend to their viewers.

“Good pictures are just as important the words in the books you read,” Brown said.

Their last two videos posted, which are “Challenging Behavior Strategies for Parents”, and “Dealing with Challenging Behaviors”, they talk about the challenging behaviors that children tend to demonstrate, and they teach strategies and give tips to the parents to try. According to them, these strategies have proven to be successful.

According to them, their video series is going to be updated weekly with meaningful information. They are going to address important topics and give helpful advice for those parents, teachers, and childcare workers to help them improve their relationship with children.