The BC Men’s Soccer team lose to Antelope Valley with a 2-1 final score


Nick Ellis/BC Athletics

Bakersfield College Soccer team player Juan Agripino #21, playing on the field in the last game of the Spring season.

Hugo Maldonado Garcia, Digital Editor

The BC Men’s Soccer team lost to the Antelope Valley team 2-1 and unfortunately, it was their last game of the Spring season on March 27.

 The BC Men’s Soccer team, Head Coach Vayron Martinez expressed how it felt being back at practice and the campus after a long time. “I think the boys have done an excellent job of going with what we’ve been told that we needed to do, you know every practice that we have, we have to we wear masks,” he said.

The coach explained how the boys wanted to come back and were willing to wear face masks and follow the guidelines just to get back to playing. “It’s one of those things where it was, we either do this or we don’t do anything at all. You know they want to play they want to train. They want to get better, they want to compete so they said it was like okay what do we need to do and we’ll do it” Martinez said.

During the second half of the game, one of the team members from the opposing team got injured and had to be temporarily replaced by another member from their team. It looked as though nothing severe happened because that team member went back in to finish the game. 

When asked if COVID helped in any way for the BC Men’s Soccer team to bond, Martinez said “Yes they bonded, but I don’t think COVID helped with it, it just helped with the understanding that we have a bigger responsibility than just being student-athletes at BC, we have to do more with educating people around us.”

Coach Martinez said that some of his favorite highlights from the game had to do with the BC Sophomores who got to play. “We had seven sophomores, and they were impacted the most from having a full season and I was very happy that all of them were able to play today. All seven of them played, and contributed to the program in their very last game representing Bakersfield College” he said. 

Although this was their last soccer game of the season Coach Martinez gives us a heads-up on what we can expect for the Fall season. “Honestly, I’m disappointed that we’re done,” Martinez said. 

“There are so many moving pieces that if something happens, you got to make an adjustment, and that we’ll make it. I think that’s helped us as a team, adjust to the adversity we’ve had. I am hopeful that we have a full season, and that the boys are able to represent this great community” Martinez said.