KCCD Campus Pass App Difficulties and Solutions

Erami Dominguez, Reporter

The Kern Community College District Board of Trustees unanimously passed vaccine mandates for all students, faculty, and staff returning to campus on Aug. 12.

Smart phones and technological integrations are made essential for public institutions attempt to reopen, welcoming people back from community shutdowns.

The education system took on a much different shape after the initial Coronavirus outbreak. Students and educators had the task of transitioning to completely online learning, and as life on campus resumes, the tech-forward solutions are here to stay.

New health and safety protocols are being enforced so that everyone at Bakersfield College is safe, especially considering the recent development of the COVID-19 delta variant.

All parties are directed to download the KCCD app to complete daily health checks, and to confirm their vaccination status with the BC COVID-19 response team to mitigate the spread.

Some students have had difficulties downloading or using the app.

Paper or non-app health screening options were addressed in an email from Dean of Instruction Rebecca Farley to department staff:

“There are no paper forms. They can come to student life and complete the form (online) and we give them one (a printout of the digital health tracker verification pass).”

Anyone having trouble with the app can get help at the Office of Student Life.

Other than accessibility, it seems the only issue with the Campus Pass app is awareness of the app’s features or purpose. It is possible to overlook new protocol in the flurry of purchasing textbooks and locating classrooms. One anonymous user expressed confusion about the QR code contact tracing system.

“I had no clue why there were bar codes everywhere, but once one of my professors explained it to us, I caught up pretty quickly and now it’s just a natural part about being on campus in my mind.”

Information about using the KCCD app can be found on the homepage of the Bakersfield College website in the “About BC” section under “COVID-19 Information.” Scroll down to see red labeled sections, expand the “Fall 2021 Protocols” tab, and click the red “KCCD Campus Pass app” hyperlink for detailed instructions.

Zachary Finch, a third-year BC studio arts major, stated the ease of use of the app, his only negative being that the contact tracing feature is “a little anxiety inducing,” but he feels safe knowing that he is vaccinated.

BC nursing student Alexis Alejo is highly supportive of the protocol.

“The KCCD app has been very user friendly and is the extra tool I feel like I needed to feel safe and comfortable to the transition back on campus…

The more people we get using the app regularly, the better communication, the more trust we will have in each other to return back to school with the main goal of pursuing an education.”

Alejo summed it up perfectly; trust and communication are essential. Familiarize with the app and remember to scan QR codes before entering all buildings.