Help needed: California’s truck driver shortage

Aubrianna Martinez, News Editor

A quick look online for businesses that have job opportunities will show that there are an abundance of openings available for those with their class A commercial drivers license for large vehicles. 

These professions have been noted by previous reports to be experiencing a worker shortage, much like other industries that can be seen locally. Almost every business one comes across in Bakersfield seems to have a sign indicating that they are hiring, which in the case of large truck drivers could yield devastating effects.

Bakersfield being known for its work in the agriculture industry as well as oil, this need for large truck drivers if not met could be inconvenient in the least, disastrous at worse for the other industries and businesses that are used to receiving their goods at specific dates and times and may very well be delayed as there are less drivers available than work needed to be done.

While less important than the possible delays of agriculture deliveries, California could theoretically experience delayed construction work, not that this would surprise any residents. Even Governor Gavin Newsom’s plan for a High-Speed Rail notwithstanding, the golden state’s roadways has been experiencing extreme levels of construction seemingly nonstop. These theoretical explorations at what could come to be may very well not come to pass, but only time and the number of available job opportunities will tell.

Local driving schools that teach adult drivers who are attempting to attain their class A commercial driving license for operating large vehicles did not respond to inquiries if they have received a surplus of students recently to meet the demands of the current market.