The KCCD’s COVID-19 response


Jaylene Collins

Tod Coston, KCCD’s Interim Associate Vice-Chancellor, hosting the latest installment of the “Chancellor Seminar Series” in Sonya Christian’s absence on Nov. 4.

Jaylene Collins, Features Editor

The Kern Community College District’s (KCCD) latest installment of their “Chancellor Seminar Series” was held on Nov. 4 after being rescheduled. The topic of the seminar was COVID and the protocols put in place at each KCCD campus. 

Sonya Christian, the KCCD Chancellor, was unable to attend, and thus Tod Coston, the KCCD Interim Associate Vice-Chancellor, was the main host of the session. The other hosts were Tina Johnson (BC CSEA President), Matt Crow (KCCD CCA President), Manny Mourtzanos (KCCD Management Association President), Corey Marvin (VP Instruction of Cerro Coso Community College), and Resa Hess (HR Manager of Cerro Coso Community College). 

Coston opened with a brief recap of COVID-19 and the KCCD’s response to COVID last year. He then spoke about the vaccine, the vaccination sites located on the KCCD campuses, and the vaccine mandate that took effect for KCCD campuses on Nov. 1. 

The representatives from each campus then discussed the progress they have made with their staff and students with the vaccine mandate.

“We [BC] are now fully compliant with all of our classified staff being either vaccinated or having an exemption on file,” Johnson stated. She also thanked all of the staff who she stated all adhered to the vaccine mandate positively and in doing so, enabled all the campuses to remain open safely. 

Crow and Mourtzanos also stated that the staff associated with Cerro Coso Community College and the KCCD management staff were also all compliant with the mandate. Mourtzanos also thanked every member of the KCCD staff for responding to the vaccine requirement.  

Coston and the other hosts also went over some questions for clarification regarding the vaccine and the KCCD requirements.

Marvin and Hess answered questions relating to the vaccine. Marvin stated in order to be fully vaccinated, one must have received their 2nd shot, or only shot if applicable,  and have let two weeks pass from the date the shot was received. Hess went over how to find the exemption form, which is located under the “COVID-19 Information” page on the KCCD website. 

Mourtzanos then went over how to respond if one ends up getting COVID. He said to contact your local campuses’ COVID-19 response team and work out the steps you should take. He recommended emailing them at covid19 with the respective campus’s email domain. 

Marvin then went over where to find vaccination sites on the KCCD campuses. All vaccination site information is available on the “COVID-19 Information” page on the KCCD website. Mourtzanos also stated that the sites will also be giving the COVID booster shots, so students or staff wanting to receive the booster should visit the site. 

For additional questions, Coston encouraged everyone to contact their campuses’ HR department or COVID team. 

All “Chancellor Seminar Series” sessions can be watched on the KCCD website.