Administrators congratulate students at BC’s Honors Celebration


Anthony Vasquez/The Rip

Manny Mourtzanous, Interim Vice President, Student Affairs congratulating students who earned Scholarships and Awards during the YouTube Livestream.

Anthony Vasquez, Reporter

For several students this year, many of them got the opportunity to receive awards and scholarships for their academic achievements. BC held their 2022 Virtual Honors Celebration on April 28 to mark these accomplishments through a live streamed video through YouTube. Special Administrators such as Vice President and Student Affairs Manny Mourtzanous, Executive Director of Financial Aid & Scholarships Jennifer Achan, Executive Director of the BC Foundation Cheryl Scott, and BC Alumni Board Vice President Sandy Woo-Cater, each presented a couple of words at the ceremony.   

Within over 630 scholarships and awards, over 530 students were awarded this year, which was all provided by more than a total of $570,450 worth of funds. The ceremony presented the students in alphabetical order, and if the student’s had elected to submit a photo of themselves prior to the event, they were also presented along with their submitted picture.

The presenters congratulated the students with some inspirational statements. Achan had told the viewers, “Removing educational barriers allow you to concentrate on your academics to completion on your educational goals and become the leaders to create a cohesive community, make your mark and make a change, and continue to build as leaders.”  

Scott stated, “People have invested in you because they know you’re the future of Kern County. I know you’ll prove that their dollars have been well-spent. We’re very proud of you and your accomplishments at Bakersfield College. And I look forward to watching your continued success.”

Woo-Carter told the students, “Your hard work and determination has not only earned you a scholarship, but also created a lasting impact on this campus and in our community. You are generations of dreams realized. For many of you, it has been your heart, actions and commitment that has changed the course of your families’ lived reality as you moved forward in your journey.”

While Mourtzanous also congratulated all students, he emphasized to the upcoming graduates, “For many of you, this is an opportunity to celebrate completion. You are graduating this year and we celebrate that. And for each of you who are receiving an award today, it is a reflection of your hard work, your dedication that has brought you to this moment.”

Along with the ceremony, students were able to follow up with their accomplishments by heading onto BC the next day to pick up an honorary medal.