BC’s Wylie and May Louise Jones Gallery

Samantha Britt

Saral Lara Ontiveros portrait of the women (Samantha Britt)

The directors The Wylie and May Louise Jones Gallery presented the 2023 Bakersfield Art Exhibition, which occurred March 30 and will continue until May 4.

The grand opening of the Art Exhibit presented students’ art throughout the building. Statues of many different unique things filled the center of the room, while all throughout the walls had paintings and drawings from all different students.

Jiwoo An was one of the students who created a piece of art being shown in the gallery. When speaking with her, she explained how she loves her art class and has been passionate about drawing since she was young because her mom also was an artist.

This event set out snacks like crackers, different meats and all sorts of different fruits to celebrate the grand opening of the gallery for 2023.

Students took their creativity to their best abilities, and one student even made a type lapse video for his art project.

Saral Lara Ontiveros Drew a realistic picture of a woman with a pencil.

The Art Gallery is open to all students, it encouraged students to come by and check out the art these students worked out. The gallery is open to all students Monday- Thursday 2-5 p.m.