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Online Staff Profile

Name: Chris Tolbert

Age: Old enough to know better…

Email: [email protected]

Major: undeclared

What I do:

Favorite Album(s): “White Rabbit” by George Benson; “Kind of Blue” by Miles Davis; “Wu Tang Forever” by Wu Tang Clan, “Someday It Will All Make Sense” by Common; “Skydive” by Freddie Hubbard; “The Unseen” by Quasimoto.

Favorite Movie: “Sanjuro”

Favorite TV show: Don’t watch television…

Outside interests: Making hiphop music, belittling other people, causing social disruptions…

General Comments: Just want to give props to some people on my mind…

The Villians (what the deal, Contra?)
Kenny Christ
Grimace & Garcia Vega (My guys for life…)

Lorenzo Miranda
age 19
[email protected]

Like to say hi to my grandma who is the only person who reads my “work”. Hey, you want to take a moment of my time say hi or whatever go ahead . I have a penchant for TMNT and Underdog but I’m not a weirdo about it though. Personal quote- “Went I use my power in the service of my vision it is no longer important that I’m afraid” or something along those lines. I attend to be a fireman eventually while I still write. I enjoy many different things such as albums from Matchbox 20, Incubus, Bob Marley and Santana and the movie, Cool Hand Luke.

John Vodopija
Age: 19
e-mail: [email protected]
major: journalism
comments: One would think that someone who writes for fun would have something to say in the comments section huh? Well you’d be wrong… I got nothing. Jimmy Olson, Erin, and Cadpig are laughing at me for it too.

Name – Alyssa D. Stumbo
Age – 21
E-mail address – [email protected]
Major – Photojournalism
What I do – I am the photo editor for the Bakersfield College Newspaper
Favorite Album – Any sort of folk music or classic rock
Favorite Movie – Anything with Arnold Schwartzenegger
Favorite TV Show – Ohhh – hard one … Everyone Loves Raymond, Law and Order
Outside interests – Music (I play the cello), outdoor activities, portrait and fine art photography, I love animals (with fur). And quilting.
General Comments – I am GETTING MARRIED! Is my latest big news. Also I am nearly 3 years in remisson of cancer.

Online staff profile sheet

Name Benigno Pena Jr. age 52

E-mail address [email protected]

Major Photography

What I do (editors only)

Favorite album none

Favorite movies none

Favorite TV show none

Outside interests photography

General comments,personal quote/

Demethrasis Blackmon

Age: 26

E-mail address: [email protected]

Major: Communications

What I do: Sports Editor

Favorite Album: Everything from Hip-hop to jazz

Favorite Movie: Gone in Sixty Seconds.

Favorite TV Show: Sportscenter / NFL Primetime

Outside Interests: Cooking. Reading. Traveling. Animals.

General comments, personal quote / philosophy: The phrase ‘Its not whether you win or lose, it’s how you play the game’ incorporates not just sporting events, but also the game of life. Play smart, play clean, and play at the highest level possible.

Elizabeth Gregory a.k.a: Future Master over Media Age: 18

E-Mail: [email protected] and [email protected]

Major: Communications with an emphasis in broadcast journlism

Favorite album(s): Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, any Tupac album and Vivaldi compositions… and anything by Bon Jovi

Favorite movie(s): Casablanca, Sabrina (the classic version), all the Godfather series, Finding Forestor, and the Indiana Jones Movies

Favorite TV Show: NEWS only on NBC! 🙂 Fraiser, Spin City, and Will and Grace

I enjoy drawing, racing cars, reading, watching the classics from Hollywood, checking out men, and star gazing.

I am the next future female Speilberg and master of Hollywood.

The Renegade Rip
Online staff profile sheet
Name: Gerardo Delgadillo
Age: 21
E-mail address: none
Major : Art
What I do (editors only)
Favorite album: Rid of Me by PJ Harvey
Favorite movie: The Evil Dead
Favorite TV show: The Simpsons
Other interests: Pale dark-haired girls, Edgar Allen Poe, rock music, apes, candy …. .. .
General info: I’ve got the heart of a poet, but the vocabulary of a 4th grader. I do what I can with what I’ve got.

Jessica C. Millman
Features Editor
Beatles-Revolver/Rolling Stones-Hot Rocks from 1964-1971/Blue Oyester Cult(the one with ‘Fear the Reaper’/the Doors-Greatest Hits
Rushmore / On the Waterfront/ Out of Sight/Moulin Rouge
Friends /the Naked Chef
Running, camping, road trips, writing novellas, sleeping, wild weekend parties
“Life if futile, you leve and then you die.”
“Beer before liquor, never been sicker. Liquor before beer, you’re in the clear.”
“Sarcasm is the outlet of a weak mind.”

maria eutsler bio

age: 21

e mail addy: [email protected]

major : journalism

Fav. album: dark side of the moon

fav. movie: half baked

fav. tvshow: that 70s show

outside interest: chillin’

Melissa L. Smithee
[email protected]
Indigo Girls: Swamp Ophelia and K’s Choice: Cocoon Crash
So I Married an Axe Murderer
Judging Amy
Photography, music, road trips, puzzles, soul searching.
“What you can tolerate you cannot change.”

Tami Bio

Tami Olivares 32

[email protected]

Communications emphasizing in TV Broadcast

The Best of the 80’s



Reading the newspaper, watching the news. Helping my husband coach our children in sports.

“Everything happens for a reason.”

Tiffany Kuehl
Age: 18
No email
Major: art
Album:Rock Steady by No Doubt
Movie: Sleepy Hallow
TV show: Conan O’Brian
Outside inrests: Creating my own comics and working for the Express page
Quote: No Doubt rules!

Tsekani Burrell
[email protected]
English/Politcal Science
fav ablum Nevermind
fav movie Colors
fav tv show-Cosby
I enjoy doing things that I have never done before
You have the rest of yourlife when you are dead to sleep

Leanne Cave
Any oldies collection
Top Gun / A Few Good Men
Rod Stewart/Leann Rimes /Any oldies collection such as 50’s or 60’s love songs
Supporting B.H.S. athletics, making sports scrapbooks, baking
Quote: “You can do anything that you put your mind to and focus your eyes upon it, just let your conscious be your guide.”

Reagan Ives, 17
[email protected]

Favorite movie: Star Wars
TV Show: reruns of Star Trek Voyager
Book(s!): The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, The Lord of the Rings, and The Iron Ring

Outside Interests: reading, watching movies, drawing, listening to music and singing, and having fun with family and friends

How can I keep from singing?!

  • Alyssa D. Stumbo
  • Age: 21
  • Major: Photojournalism
  • Previous positions on The Rip: Staff photographer, January 2001-May 2001
  • Favorite album: Any sort of folk music or classic rock.
  • Favorite movies: Anything with Arnold Schwarzenegger.
  • Favorite TV shows: Ohhh, hard one … “Everyone Loves Raymond,” “Law & Order.”
  • Outside interests: Music (I play the cello), outdoor activities, and portrait and fine arts photography. I love animals (with fur) and quilting.
  • General comments, personal quote/philosophy, etc.: I am GETTING MARRIED! is my latest big news. Also I am nearly three years in remission of cancer.

  • Age:
  • Major:
  • Previous positions on The Rip:
  • Favorite album:
  • Favorite movies:
  • Favorite TV shows:
  • Outside interests:
  • General comments, personal quote, etc.:
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