Stunts Lift Spirits

Daniella Williams

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Well, spring break has come and gone, and with it went Spring Fling week.

Bakersfield College was a different campus for a brief time as the sound of local band Mento Buru floated into Campus Center. The mood was light as clubs set up booths and tried to get students to have a little fun before break.

April Lopez, 20, a history major and associate justice for the Associated Students of Bakersfield College, misses Spring Fling, despite the headache and sunburn it caused.

“In hindsight, it was wonderfully hedonistic … the greatest time,” she said.

The week before spring break, nothing seemed to go as planned, said Whitney Rux, ASBC vice president of activities.

“A bunch of our activities were kind of late, so I think some of the clubs were a little mad at me,” he said, looking regretful.

Even though they ran late, the events of Spring Fling brought a strangely different energy. One BC student wandered from the Phi Theta Kappa booth completely covered in shaving cream. Like a tame version of the MTV show “Jackass,” he repeatedly said, “Hugs, not drugs,” as he held his own parade through campus and frightened a few visiting schoolchildren. But during Spring Fling, his behavior didn’t seem out of place.

The push-cart race between M.E.Ch.A. and the Engineers’ Club drew a crowd of students and applause for M.E.Ch.A.’s unexpected victory. Pre-Med Club’s pie throw and a strong-man competition, created by the Engineers’ Club, got students into the action. Most of the time, though, the participants were only club members.

The Phi Theta Kappa booth featured both mud and shaving-cream wrestling.

The wrestling was successful in drawing attention through the efforts of Lopez and volunteer Mark Paddock. One of the funnier moments, however, came from Phi Theta Kappa Vice President Russell Iger, 20, a psychology major, who consented to wrestle only once. He took on two women, Lopez and Lisa Sanchez, and pinned both.

Of her opponent, Lopez has nothing but praise.

“Russell wrestled like a Greek god,” she exclaimed.

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