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Bob Dylan loses folk feel with an eclectic sound

Anna Robledo

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The legendary Bob Dylan performed at Rabobank Arena on April 5 to a full audience. Dylan performed many of his classics including “Maggie’s Farm,” “Just a Woman,” and “Like a Rolling Stone” as the encore.

Unfortunately, there was nothing classic about it. Dylan butchered his own songs by losing his folk roots and playing all songs electric (Dylan was on keyboard). It sounded like bad country jazz.

Dylan’s performance was also very impersonal. I hate when performers don’t connect with their audience; it makes for a cold performance. He played one song after another like a robot. I’m all for “less talk, more rock,” but geez, a simple “thank you” between songs wouldn’t have killed him . oh, wait, maybe it could’ve?

Dylan didn’t communicate with the audience at all until the end of the show when he introduced the band, and some say that he muttered, “thank you” at the end, but who knows?

The crowd also surprised me. Don’t get me wrong, I knew that there would be a more “mature” crowd there, but I guess I didn’t expect them to be that mature. I thought I was going to be asked to show an AARP card before they would let me in.

Every aspect of the show was disappointing to me. Yet I don’t regret going. Complain, complain, but my tickets were cheap, and my seat was great, I got the chance to see a legend perform, and I probably won’t get many other chances like it.

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Bob Dylan loses folk feel with an eclectic sound