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Many students await graduation

Nick Stockton

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The hot, summer asphalt of the BC parking lots will get another layer of smoking tire marks as another batch of students leans on the gas and off the clutch and into the future, degrees in hand.

Graduation holds eager hearts in its anticipatory grip, and another summer will be beset by those let loose, making their way onward to new jobs and new schools.

SGA Vice President Erica Grall is already feeling the excitement for her anticipated transfer to San Francisco State University. She does have reservations about leaving BC, however. Her SGA experience has brought her many important relationships and memories.

“Being here (in SGA), surrounded by everyone, we’re family now, that’s what I’m going to miss,” she said.

Grall won’t be alone up north, though. SGA President Ash West will also be attending SFSU, and the two close friends plan on getting an apartment together.

Grall has been attending BC for four years and attributes her lengthy stay to “Life, especially when you get involved with extracurricular activities.” Grall also stated that two-year graduation/transfer is “absolutely not” a realistic expectation.

According to the 2001 study of a student cohort (a group studied for demographical research) of 592 students, the percentage of BC students who completed their transfer requirements within three years was around 30%.

Victor Oropeza, an archeology major, has been at BC for two years and will also be graduating, but still attending BC for “two more classes, then I’m going to Cal State (Bakersfield).”

Vice Principal of Student Learning Ken Meier commented that it usually takes 2-6 years for a student to move through the BC curriculum. When asked why the range falls so well beyond the expected two-year time frame, Meier replied that many students are working and are therefore not coming to school full time.

According to Meier, the average community college student takes 6 1/2 years to complete their bachelor’s degree from the time they start community college. He added that students who head straight to 4-year universities complete their education in 5 1/2 years.

He said that it is “important for students not to lose their momentum, they should try to move through as quickly as possible.”

He also said that the majority of students at BC are not transfer bound. The most popular major at BC is nursing, which is a certification program.

All students who wished to graduate had to check in with the counseling office to make sure they are eligible. The request was then forwarded to admissions and records. The deadline was April 1.

Over 800 students will be receiving their degrees this semester.

Sue Vaugn, manager of Enrollment Services, says that there is no sure way to be certain yet, but she estimates that around 600 students will be participating in commencement.

Commencement ceremonies will take place at 7 p.m. May 12 at the BC stadium.

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Many students await graduation