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Students sound off on finals

Donny Van Sloten

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It’s that time of year again, and for most students, that means finals are getting closer.
Finals, in most classes, are a good percentage of the grade. “My final is 20% of the student’s grade; it’s all the material learned after the midterm,” said philosophy professor Rene Trujillo.
“I give an essay exam. I try to structure the questions on where the students are at and how much they know,” said Trujillo.
Some finals are harder then others; nevertheless, students all around BC are studying hard for them. “I think I’m ready for the finals. I’ve been looking over my study guides and my notes,” said physical education major Ian Hazdovac.
There are different ways to prepare for the final. Some students study with a buddy, and others would rather study by themselves.
“I usually study with my buddy from class,” Hazdovac said.
It’s easy to let other stuff get in the way; many students find that studying just isn’t that fun.
BC student Lauren Fanucchi said, “I have three finals to study for. I like to study alone, but half the time I study, other stuff gets in my way.”
While some students have a hard time studying, others already have gotten their studying out of the way. “I’ve studied my notes enough; I’m ready for my final,” said Kathy Bello, an education major.
A final is usually a comprehensive test of all the knowledge learned over the course of a semester.
Whether you’re ready or not, finals are getting near. Interviewed BC students all agree: Study your notes, or do whatever it takes to get prepared.

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Students sound off on finals