Coach receives gift of three at UCLA

Leanne Cave

Bakersfield College assistant football coach Carl Dean and his wife, Christy, are parents of three little girls – all born at the same time.
The triplets, Sophie, Mia and Gracie, were born on Oct. 26 at 11:40 p.m. at the UCLA Medical Center.
The event happened about 12 hours before the Renegades were scheduled to take on the L.A. West Oilers in Culver City.
Luckily for Dean, the football field was just five or six miles away so he was able to meet the team and help guide it to a 38-6 victory over the Oilers.
Dean and his wife are first-time parents and very excited about their daughters.
“They are all healthy, and we can’t wait to get them home,” Dean said.
The babies had to remain at UCLA Medical Center for 30 to 45 days after birth for safety precautions.
“Christy has been driving back and forth to UCLA daily to check on them and visit with them,” Dean said.
The team was excited for the Dean family as well.
“He was real excited that he had three little girls,” Ben Estill, BC running back said.
Dean said that Christy already has an idea of what the girls might like to do.