BC unit fees to stay at $36 for spring semester

Cassandra McGowan, Reporter

There is good news for Bakersfield College students planning to attend spring semester.

There will be no fee hike implemented.

Assembly Bill No. 32 has pushed that fee raise back until at least the summer, but BC president Greg Chamberlain said even then, “It’s not absolutely for sure.”

Had the hike been instituted, fees per unit would have increased from $36 to $46.

Although the fees have not yet been increased, there is still a chance for inflation.

“I expect increases to be implemented starting summer 2012,” said Chamberlain. “We will know for certain by January.”

Fees for community colleges are set by legislature and will remain the same for all community colleges in California until further notice.

“I believe there is definitely potential for [fees] to continue to rise,” said Chamberlain.

Some students were not aware of the fact there was supposed to be a fee increase in the spring semester.

“I had no idea they were going to do that, it’s my first year here,” said Ross Miller, BC student.

He said he’s lucky enough to have the support of his family to help him financially, but that “it would suck” for other people.  “I know for a lot of people it would not be so good.”

Other students have the advantage of the Board of Governor’s Waiver that pays their class fees.

“Yeah, I think it sucks, but it doesn’t really affect me because my tuition is paid,” said Matt Rathbun, BC student.

When asked how he would feel if he didn’t have the BOGW, when the fees do increase he said, “I wouldn’t be taking as many units.

“I wouldn’t be able to afford it, there’s no way.”