Democrats celebrate major win


Attendees of the Labor Hall Democratic party celebrate Barack Obama’s re-election victory. The crowd chanted “Si se puede” and “Yes we can” in celebration.

Omar Oseguera, Photo Editor

The Central Labor Hall hosted the election night party for the democrats on Nov. 6. Democrats from Bakersfield gathered to celebrate what would eventually be Barack Obama’s re-election, the failure of Proposition 32, and the passing of Proposition 30.

All attendees were accommodated with food and beverages, as well as the appearances from democrats running, such as Terry Phillips, who was running for Congress, Rudy Salas running for assembly, and Bill McDougle, the president of Board of Education.

The hall was filled with posters supporting each candidate, as well as posters saying “Yes on 30,” and “No on 32.”

The crowd roared as Salas stepping into the Labor Hall, and people ran to shake his hand, speak with him and snap a photo.

All in attendance kept their eyes on the screen, as updates were regularly given on propositions, and electoral votes were counted to determine Obama as the winner of the 2012 presidential election.

Donny Williams, central labor council president, was excited for the results.

“It’s a great day for labor, and it’s a great day for our nation,” said Williams. “We give our president four more years to correct what the last president screwed up for eight years.”

Williams felt hopeful for the future of the country, and knew what he’d like to see happen in the coming years.

“I hope that the republicans will drop their hostilities so they can move across the aisles and we can move our country forward.”

The news of president Obama’s re-election caused an exciting reaction from everyone in attendance. A group of democrats gathered closer to the screen and started chanting the words, “Si se puede,” and “Yes we can.”

Bill McDougle, running for Bakersfield City School District Trustee, was waiting on his results while watching the other results on television.

“It’s great, we needed Proposition 30 to pass or our district was going to lose $12 million dollars,” said McDougle. “I think the people realize that it’s very important for education to pass the proposition.

“We’re making a lot of changes in the district. We’re building two new schools, and a new Local Education Agency plan, which is a 3-year plan to improve academic improvement in our district.

“We’re going to make a lot more improvements in our future that is going to make our district a lot better.”

The Labor Hall was filled with positive attitudes and constant cheering. Democrats were relieved to find the president re-elected, and the rejection of 32 and passing of 30 was what many in attendance hoped for.