No need to worry about tax refunds

Mitchelle De Leon, Reporter

By Mitchelle De Leon


For many people, taxes bring images of stressed individuals.

BC students with full-time or part-time jobs shared their perspectives.

Audrey Hutchins, media communications, worked as a concierge for Marriot.

According to Huchins, she was able to receive a $300 dollar refund by filing her taxes through Turbo Tax, a tax filing software.

“It’s more convenient to do it online,” Hutchins said.

Abbie Hyatt, liberal arts, shared the sentiment.

She worked as a bartender and found Turbo Tax convenient.

However, she said that she would be willing to use other services if she found filing taxes more difficult.

“If needed and if [filing for taxes] gets too complicated, I’ll use services like H&R Block,” Hyatt said.

“Turbo Tax is pretty easy. You just plug it in.”

Melissa Palos, a full-time nursing student with three children, said she had no experience filing for tax forms and had no plans to do it herself in the future.

“Numbers intimidate me,” Palos admitted. “[My family] usually use public accountants.”

H&R Block is one of the various tax services in close proximity to the BC campus.

Patricia Haney, H&R Block registered tax return preparer, shared her perspective.

“I assist students that do taxes,” Haney said.

“Most of the time students are claimed [as dependents] by their parents because they are still under age 24.

Most of the time students use the 1040EZ form.”