BC bookstore gets a makeover

Ruben A. Perez, Reporter

By Ruben A. Perez



The Bakersfield College Bookstore just received a makeover.

According to store manager Brian Griffin, the changes were expected when Barnes & Noble took over operations nearly two years ago.

“Typically, when Barnes & Noble goes into a new college, that’s part of the transition period to go and kind of redo the whole bookstore so there’s a new feel and everyone knows there’s a change on campus.”

Griffin explained the reason it took two years to get the remodeling done.

“We were working with state regulations, working with the school, and working with the district office to make sure everything was under their threshold,” he said.

The changes made include moving the cash registers to the side of the store, new paint, and new floors. Also remodeled was the layout of merchandise, such as putting the textbooks in the back and other supplies toward the front.  The Kern Community College District and Barnes & Noble paid for the renovations collectively. Within the district, Cerro Coso Community College and Bakersfield College have remodeled bookstores, and Porterville is expected to remodel its bookstore in the summer. The  bookstore is open Monday to Thursday 7:30 a. m. to 6:30 p. m. and Fridays 7:30 a. m. to noon.