BC food pantry feeds students

Cassandra McGowan, Reporter

In times of financial hardship for Bakersfield College students, the Renegade Pantry can offer some relief.
In 2010 BC’s Student Government Association opened the Renegade Pantry in order to supply food to BC students who may be having trouble making ends meet, and according to pantry coordinator Dalton Martina, about 125 students per distribution date are utilizing this service.
“You have to be a currently enrolled student, we verify your ID and your student number and make sure you’re active in each semester,” said Martina.
The pantry is a non-profit organization run solely on donations of both monetary and non-perishable food items.
Martina likes to keep a consistent menu, but said that it really just depends on what food has been donated. With the cash donations, he has been able to add some new product to the food baskets.
“We introduced peanut butter and jelly, and bread, on top of that we started giving out Top Ramen, macaroni and cheese,” said Martina.
The pantry will supply food to the student and up to five children currently living with the student. Other adults living in the household are ineligible.
“We give a little more for children. The distribution before last we were giving out bags of cereal, but if you had two or more kids we gave two bags of cereal, or if you had three or more kids we gave two loaves of bread as well as more macaroni and cheese, and more Top Ramen, canned fruit, fruit bowls, fruit cups. Stuff like that for children,” said Martina.
There are three options for the food basket: One with meat product, one without meat product, and one with the smallest amount of cooking needed. The current meat options are canned chicken and canned tuna.
The pantry is also always looking for volunteers to help prepare food baskets and hand them out on distribution days, said Martina. “I do appreciate volunteers, especially when you’re having to make 200 or more food baskets.”
There is currently a canned-food drive happening on campus and anyone who donates five cans of food will receive a free ticket to BC’s Homecoming game. Campus Center 4 is where donations can be dropped off and where students wishing to acquire assistance can fill out the proper forms.
For any questions regarding the Renegade Pantry, email: [email protected]

The Renegade Pantry will be distributing food baskets to students currently enrolled in classes at Bakersfield College, and all students who want to receive one must sign up in Campus Center 4 the three days prior to distribution dates. Pick-up times are 8 a.m.-12 p.m. and 4 p.m.-5:30 p.m.
The dates are as follows:

Sign-up: Oct. 21-23
Distribution: Oct. 24

Sign-up: Nov. 4-6
Distribution: Nov. 7

Sign-up: Nov. 18-20
Distribution: Nov. 21

Sign-up: Dec. 2-4
Distribution: Dec. 5