BC to CSUB; Transfer Day helps students

Cal-State Bakersfield’s transfer event, held on Oct. 16-17 in Bakersfield College’s Fireside Room, saw its largest turnout of BC students in recent years, according to Transfer and Matriculation Specialist Marisa Marquez.
Marquez, who has worked for CSUB for over a decade and has been overseeing the transfer program for approximately seven years, said that in addition to increased student attendance, the majority of transferring students this semester have been Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics majors. She said that many also still transfer to CSUB to pursue “the large majors,” such as psychology and sociology, but CSUB’s STEM related fields have seen significant growth.
Students who have maintained a 2.0 GPA, and completed 60 transferrable units — including the “golden four” general education requirements of college level english, math, and science courses — are eligible for transfer, Marquez said.
She said that all students who met the requirements and properly applied would be admitted, as CSUB is not an impacted institution.
The sole exception to that policy, Marquez said, applies to nursing majors, who must apply separately to the CSUB nursing program after successfully transferring to the university, as that program is impacted. She advised nursing majors who transfer from BC to CSUB to attend one of their monthly nursing information sessions that explain how to qualify for the nursing program. The dates for the sessions are available on the CSUB Nursing Department website.
In addition to conducting transfers, the event was designed to advise students on their education plan.
Marquez encouraged all BC students interested in CSUB to attend future transfer days, regardless of academic progress, including BC freshmen that would like to have some advice about course requirements.
“Don’t be shy,” she said. “We’re all students, and if you don’t ask the questions we can’t help you. It’s not just we’re here to admit you and walk away forever. We want to assist you in planning, in the planning for your own future.
“We want to make sure that we are consistent with what you’ve been advised on your campus. Allow us to show you the path, the roadmap, and then it can help you with your planning on campus.”
The transfer days for this semester admitted students for the winter and spring quarters of CSUB, beginning in January and April respectively. Fall 2014 admittance will be conducted during BC’s spring semester.