Moran sees re-election as redemption and growth

Elizabeth Fernandez, Reporter

Polls closed at the end of March and Jimmy Moran, former treasurer, was officially re-introduced to Bakersfield College’s student government as vice president-elect for the next academic year.

Moran was involved in last semester’s substance and misconduct allegations against the Student Government Association, and was dismissed from the board; however, there appeared to be no restraints from either the new or old constitution to prohibit Moran to re-enter SGA

“I wanted to make a new face of myself … I feel like I’ve had leadership experience, it was about time to commit myself to more responsibility,” said Moran in regard to his decision to run again. “I felt they wouldn’t have anyone with experience, everyone would be fresh.”

Moran had originally intended to run for a senator position, but said he was encouraged after a talk with Interim Director of Student Life Elizabeth Peisner, and added, “She believes I have what it takes to bring better change; she has my back.”

In regard to the candidate, Peisner said, “Bakersfield College supports an environment of growth and development, and this is part of Jimmy’s growth and development.”

The student body had yet to approve the aforementioned constitution at the time of elections, on which positions for next year had also already been based upon.

Moran and other SGA members were removed from office last fall after it was determined they violated policy at a conference. Moran, talking about the conference, stated that he had been of legal drinking age and refused to badmouth any of his former officers. Although there was alcohol and marijuana, Moran dismissed accusations and rumors of further illegal drug consumption, such as “pill-like drugs.” He ascertained that they attended meetings responsibly and chose to “let loose” after hours in their respective rooms.

Students who called into question the legitimacy of Moran’s ability to run had the opportunity to file a complaint or grievance before the poll’s cessation, according to Peisner. Although students may still choose to do so, she added that no such referrals had yet to be made at the time of interview.

“I’m sorry,” stated the vice president-elect. “I have really repented, but I believe in second chances.”

Moran continued to say that he hopes to not only to improve himself, but also the school. He plans to implement the re-opening of the game room and renovation of the Panoramic Grill. Above all he wants to see more school spirit, hold more events and help SGA gain the trust of BC clubs.

“I have many ideas, I plan for clubs to be united with SGA,” said Moran. “I feel they’re scared of SGA. I want [them] to say SGA is awesome if they have issues.”

In regard to his term next semester, he stated his team has made a pact to confront anything that comes their way together, and added, “I’m too excited.”