New director of student life looks to prioritize student needs


Elizabeth Fernandez

Nicky Damania the new director of student life.

Phillip Rodriguez, Reporter

Recently, Bakersfield College has acquired a permanent member to its administration. Replacing the interim Director of Student Life Elizabeth Peisner, is Nicky Damania, who additionally will be in charge of supervising all SGA meetings.

Four weeks into his position here at BC, Damania said that he would be here to help students by giving them the resources that they need, rather than just answering questions.

“Students are here to learn,” said Damania about his role and interacting with those attending BC. He continued by saying that he would assist any student in need of help with tutoring, psychosocial development, and any other question that is brought to his attention.

Additionally, he stated that there are three main components that are part of the duties that a director has.

First, he is in charge of advising the SGA and all of the government branches involved with it. Second, he has the job of putting together campus activities to “engage the community.” Finally, as a director, Damania must work with student conduct.

Damania said that he believes greatly in the self-determination of the BC attendee, stating, “I believe every college student comes in with critical inquiry.”

Damania comes from Colorado and is a first generation-born American citizen, with his parents both born in India. In addition to a doctorate in philosophy, he also has a master’s degree in career and technical education, as well as a bachelor’s in biology and drama.

Damania said that he has high hopes for the SGA and expressed his sentiment toward the student government senators by stating, “The [SGA senators] are amazing. They want to serve their constituencies.”

In regard to previous issues surrounding SGA’s budget, Damania explained, “We’re looking at that and how the government gives back to the people.” He went on to say that the role of the government is to assist people with things that they cannot do for themselves. “The goal this year for SGA includes revisiting guidelines,” said Damania.

When speaking about what stood out to him about BC, and Bakersfield as a whole, Damania said that he was shocked by how much the institution cares. He went on to say that he hasn’t met anyone who wasn’t willing to help the students. He continued to say that BC President Sonya Christian is also extremely helpful.

Damania said that he is looking forward to increasing pride in the college as well as the community.