Saving water on campus

Brooke Howard

Bakersfield College has initiated water-conservation projects all around campus and could use your help too.

When it comes to water conservation, small adjustments can have a huge impact. Director of Maintenance and Operations, Craig Rouse, said, “We’ve been browning-out the campus and watering the trees every other week so they won’t die. This alone has saved us a lot of valuable water.”

Last year many small projects were completed all over campus to conserve water and energy. “We saved millions of gallons a year by replacing all the toilets with low-water flush last year,” Rouse said.

They are looking to duplicate those results this year with the replacement of the 50-year-old pipes.

“This is a huge infrastructure project we are working on. With new water lines in place we will get better water pressure,” said Rouse.

Projects set for next year include sprinkler head replacement and better programming for water usage on plants and grass.

“By replacing all the sprinkler heads we will cover more completely and use 28-30% less water by having better coverage and by next spring all sprinkler heads will be replaced,” Rouse said.

The school hopes to attain a grant from the state for better programming that monitors the water usage more efficiently.

Students can do plenty to help out in the water conservation by using only the necessary amount of water in sinks, trimming a minute or two off showers in locker rooms, and not flushing things instead of throwing them away.

Sometimes, though, communication is the best way to lend a hand.

“A 155-acre site is hard to cover with just eight guys. Call maintenance operators if you see a sprinkler head broken,” Rouse said.

Amber Chiang, director of Marketing and Public Relations, also said, “Students can be careful in their own water usage. If students see toilets or sinks running needlessly, they can report it to maintenance and operations at (661) 395-4501. Coming out of a drought like California is experiencing is difficult, but takes the dedication of all involved.”