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SGA wants students to get involved

Phillip Rodriguez, Reporter

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Big things are being planned for the students and community according to Student Government President Alex Dominguez. Senate spots are open for students to apply for, such as the position for Allied Health & Fire Tech 2 and the Career and Technical Education 1.

“It is very important that students apply for these senator spots.” Dominguez said in regard to the open positions. “Senators represent a specific constituent base.”

The spots are already being filled, however, as vice president Jimmy Moran stated. “I’m actually excited to have a full board. I’m very proud of what my team has been doing…we don’t have any issues with each other.”

Dominguez confirmed Moran’s statement, saying that SGA has already received several applications and have been conducting interviews.

In addition to empty senator spots being filled, two commitment packages are being unveiled by the SGA.

The first of the two packages is titled the Commitment to Kern.

“Commitment to Kern is a series of resolutions that deals with major issues in the community and how we plan to take a larger role,” Dominguez said.

Commitment to Kern will also deal with other colleges in the KCCD, as well as elementary schools, according to Dominguez. An initiative to promote local businesses is being planned, and the SGA is working alongside the Future Teachers Club on campus to assist grade schools.

SGA will participate in other acts such as water conservation, an attempt to cut back on the use of water on campus, and “students for energy;” an attempt to “embrace our oil and gas industry.”

The second package, titled Commitment to Bakersfield College, focuses on student government accountability and will make the association more “transparent” as well as accountable for spending and other actions, Dominguez said.

“(Commitment to Bakersfield College) is our commitment to the student body and the campus,” said Dominguez. “It’s very much for the students.”

Dominguez said that the movements will make the student government more financially responsible, and students will be able to hold their senators and other members of the government accountable for what their money is spent on.

Other parts of the commitment to BC were described by Dominguez, such as government accountability, a self assessment by the SGA that will be released monthly which outlines where and how money was spent, what legislative actions were taken, and other applicable pieces of information.

“This gives the students power,” Dominguez said.

Dominguez states that he hopes students will come to future SGA meetings and voice their opinions on each piece of legislation. Student government meets every Friday at 9 a.m. in the SGA boardroom, Campus Center 5.

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SGA wants students to get involved