Mallory is in need of donations

Marcus Castro, Reporter

The Moran family is getting help and still needs more for their youngest child while she fights Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Type B.

Mallory’s Miracles is two-year-old Mallory Moran’s journey through her fight.

Moran’s father, Tom Moran, is a Bakersfield College American Sign Language instructor and is the Department Chair of Foreign Language. Tom’s wife, Israel Moran, was a preschool teacher of the deaf and hard of hearing at the Richardson Center, but she had to take time off in order to take care of Mallory.

By taking time off her job, the Moran family has lost a substantial amount of income. Being very prideful, Tom has not asked for any help from his colleagues or friends. His friends took it upon themselves to start a funding program on to help support the family.

Their insurance covers most costs that the Children’s Hospital Pediatric Oncology Care unit in Los Angeles is charging for Mallory’s procedures. What are not being covered are the hidden costs that come along with Mallory’s condition. These costs are of fuel, food, and possible hotel expenses as they have to travel to LA often.

Larry Littleton, Bonnie Sherwood and Mala Po, the friends who started the funding program, said on the funding site, “We all understand how equally difficult it can be to ask someone to lend a hand, much less, to accept the offer of helping hands. This request is coming from us, friends of the Moran family. We requested that they let us do something to lend a hand. Everyone appreciates this dilemma.”

On April 16, $13,095 has been raised out of the $20,000 that is needed. This money has been accumulated over 24 days from 152 donations. To donate, go to

Mallory’s journey continues as she constantly has to be treated at the Children’s Hospital. Tom updates Mallory’s followers on what is going on nearly every week. His updates are very detailed updates of exactly what Mallory is doing and what the family is doing. To see what is currently happening in Mallory and her family’s