BC’s best in state and sixth in the nation

Elka Wyatt, Reporter

Bakersfield College has been ranked number six in the nation and number one in California for graduates earning more than the expected pay scale for their metropolitan area.

In a study performed by the Brookings Institute, a non-profit research institution, it was found that BC was ranked sixth in post-grad earnings evaluations, just behind other two-year institutions mostly based in the east coast. These findings were taken from government and private data sources.

“It means validation of hard work of every student and employee at BC,” said Amber Chiang, Director of Marketing and Public Relations at BC, when asked what this means for BC.

“The reality is this would not be possible without businesses in the community seeking to hire BC grads,” added Chiang.

The set of data predicted that BC grads mid-career earnings were an average of $56,957 when in actuality they averaged at $67,200, which is 16.5 percent value added, giving BC a score of 98 out of a 100.

Chiang said that most of this is attributed to industry in the area such as agriculture and oil.

Several variables factor into these results such as curriculum value, alumni skills, STEM orientation, completion rates and the amount of student aid offered by the institution, as well as the metropolitan area.

“It really does show there is opportunity in Bakersfield and certainly at BC,” said Chiang.