Construction never ends at Bakersfield College

Marcus Castro, Editor in Chief


Bakersfield College isn’t done with construction yet; there is more to come this school year.

Over the past few semesters, there has been construction throughout the campus. The projects frequently move from one location to another.

The new projects will be much less in the way of students than the recent projects.

Amir Birjandi is BC’s new Interim Manager for the Facilities, Maintenance and Operations, and plays a big role in the overseeing of the construction projects around BC.

According to Birjandi, there are some projects currently happening and some that are coming up, but the times they are supposed to begin and finish are tentative.

“The student services HVAC replacement is in progress on going. We have replaced one of the HVAC units on the roof top, and the rest will be removed and replaced with new by the end of November,” said Birjandi.

The elevator upgrade project has been completed as of August. This project was located in the Student Services building. It has passed inspections and has been approved. A new Maintenance and Operations building is in DSA review currently.

“If we get the DSA approval as forecasted, we should be able to start the construction in December…that will go in the staff parking lot, where the old tennis courts used to be,” said Birjandi.

The project on the STEM Success Center Aera will begin in November and finish in May of 2016 if all goes to plan.

There is a campus wide fire alarm repair project that is currently under DSA review. Once passed through the DSA, the project should begin in December and finish in January of 2016.

The BC gym-cooling project has been approved by DSA and now is in bidding phase. After the bidding phase, it will go to the board for approval. If all goes to plan, this project will begin late November or early December.

The practice football field lighting project will begin in December and and is expected to be finished in January.

Again, all construction project timelines are subject to change.