BC and CSUB join together to host a leadership event

Alex Rivera, Reporter

Bakersfield College and Cal State Bakersfield student government leadership groups teamed up to host a student leadership conference at Bakersfield College on Oct. 3.

BCSGA and CSUBASI had a retreat back in August.

BCSGA President Clayton Fowler said he “Found it very beneficial to our officers and knew that we wanted to bring something similar to the students we represent.”

The conference was about helping students become more effective leaders.

As the conference began, Fowler said the purpose its purpose was “To have a collaborative and inclusive educational environment, which will inspire the campus communities provide valuable peer to peer-to-peer learning experiences, and engage students as they share and develop their leadership skills effectively.”

He added, “We hope you both learn and strengthen their leadership skills, learn to work together in organizations, and create future ideas to build community both on campus and off.”

Once the conference began, some areas of interest were career pathways, diversity in organizations, marketing and recruitment, conflict management and Title IX and cyber bullying, rewriting constitution and strategic plan, fundraising and budgets, event planning and advertising, leadership skills and development, and service learning.

Fowler hopes that students leave with stronger leadership skills to go back to their organizations in order to make each campus community stronger and better than before.

Fowler laughed, “Like the old saying goes, two heads are better than one. CSUB has taught us a lot of useful tools to bring back and use on our campus, and we have done the same for them. It’s all about creating a community of student success in higher education that is both city and county wide.”