SGA tries to work out deal with GET

Alex Rivera, Reporter

Bakersfield College Student Government Association President Clayton Fowler reiterated that the Golden Empire Transit transportation issue is still a top priority because “it affects BC student’s educational experience directly.”

Fowler is trying to have GET give BC students a discount as CSUB students get one, add buses on routes that are needed, and extend the hours of operation for the buses that come to BC.

Fowler has reached out to GET on numerous occasions and still has had no response from the local company.

Fowler has a monthly meeting with BC president Sonya Christian, and during last month’s meeting, Fowler brought the transportation issues to Christian’s attention.

Fowler notified Christian that this was an area of concern and has notified Christian that this is one of BCSGA’s main issues to get resolved this year. Fowler’s message to students is, “Until we can get this issue resolved, I recommend the students that are being affected by this to ride share with other students.”

Fowler also expresses, “Ride sharing will bring down the amount of people on the GET bus and will also allow students that live in the outlying areas take classes at later times. Ride sharing is also fun and good for the environment.”