Roughneck Review looks to expand

Chris Miller, Reporter


The Roughneck Review, Bakersfield College’s online journal, has changed since its establishment back in 2012 and is looking to expand even further than it already has.

For those unfamiliar with what the Roughneck Review is, it’s an online journal that publishes BC students’ work in April and October of each year.

Originally, the work that was considered for publication was nominated by professors who liked their student’s work. Now, students can submit their own work to be reviewed as well as have a faculty member nominate their work for them.

The Roughneck Review has recently begun to accept more than just essays and assignments done in class. Students can submit works of art, photos, music, video or audio clips that are school appropriate, poetry, and even short stories.

Keri Wolf, 34, is a co-editor for the Roughneck Review. She has been a part of the Roughneck Review since the beginning. Wolf often pulls up examples of work from the Roughneck Review for her students during class because it doubles as a great learning tool on top of an opportunity for students to be published.

Rae Ann Kumelos, the second co-editor for the Roughneck Review, also likes to use work from the Roughneck Review as examples in her classes. She feels the Roughneck Review is a great opportunity for students.

“I came into this knowing there should be a venue for students to publish their work,” she said. “It’s important for students to share their work on a higher level. In this case, a global level because it’s online”

The Roughneck Review is currently looking for more faculty members and students to be a part of its editorial board. There are currently five members and one student intern that are part of the editorial board. They are looking to add diversity to their ranks and want faculty members of all departments, not just english or humanities professors.

The Roughneck Review is also seeking a student intern savvy with social media to manage and update its Facebook page, as well as other social media outlets to help promote the online journal.

For those interested in getting involved with the Roughneck Review, contact one of the co-editors about how to get involved. Dr. Wolf can be contacted at her email: [email protected], and Dr. Kumelos can be contacted on her email at: [email protected]

The Roughneck Review can be found on: