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Students prepare for transferring

Carissa Diaz, Reporter

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The semester is coming to an end, and students are preparing to transfer out from Bakersfield College. Students have met with counselors and gained knowledge about the necessary requirements needed before they are able to transfer.

Counselors at BC have reached out to help students become familiar with where they stand when transferring. They offered workshops to connect with students on education planning, career planning, and basic requirements, which they plan to have year round. They also have counseling outreach tables outside so students can gather information and counselors can set up appointments.

“We’re trying to get out there, let the students know that they can walk up to us and ask questions anytime,” said transfer counselor Marisa Marquez. “Just create a closer and more personal environment on campus, because we’re here to serve them, period.”

Most students, who Marquez has met with, know where they want to attend after BC. It’s good to have an idea of four schools you want to apply to and a back up plan. It’s helpful to get to know the campus better, and speak with counselors and representatives at the school. It is also helpful to be aware of the school area and how impacted it is. The most important thing to look for when applying is the cost of attendance to make sure you’re secure.

BC engineering transfer student Juan Villarreal, who will be transferring in fall 2016, said, “I applied to Cal Poly Pomona, CSULB and CSUB as my backup. I’m using that as my safety net.”

There is a long process when it comes to transferring; students are required to complete forms of the UC, CSU or IGETC. This is a checklist that counselors have came up with to make sure students have taken the classes that other schools have required. Included in the requirements are 60 units complete, 40 in general education, and 20 in the lower division major prep courses. The associates’ degree for transfer is helpful to have because it’s a degree with a guarantee.  Marquez said, “You use these sheets as a guide when you’re working with your counselors or adviser so that we’re both making sure that we’re checking off what we already visited or haven’t visited yet.”

It could be frustrating for students when it comes to registering into the classes they need to meet requirements. Nursing major Kailynn Ritchie is transferring in the fall of 2016 to CSUB. “Getting into classes have been the hardest, that’s actually why I’m transferring there,” she said.

There are some exceptions on these checklists because different school systems expect different courses or units. Some courses that are recognizable by the CSUs aren’t recognizable for the UC transfer or private college, which is where IGETC comes in to use. You’re able to choose any degree that you want on the campus, so you can use this checklist to complete all the requirements you need and be able to apply for both a UC or CSU if you’re undecided.

The CSUs are looking for a high GPA with the required classes met and whether the majors or school itself are impacted. When it comes to UCs, awards and recognition are also very important because it catches their attention. Marquez said, “What are you doing on the campus, these things matter to them because it tells them who you are outside of the classroom.”

The numbers for students who applied for transfer admission guaranteed have increased since the 2013-14 school year. Although the set numbers aren’t in at the moment they will be after everything is complete.

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Students prepare for transferring