Kit fox investigation still ongoing by DFW

Joe Bergman, Editor in Chief

The Department of Fish and Wildlife has been conducting a criminal investigation into the alleged unlawful treatment of the kit foxes who reside in Memorial Stadium. Copies of the offense reports have been requested, but have not yet been received.

When kit foxes are known to be in the area, project management must work with both the U.S. and California Departments of Fish and Wildlife, and must utilize a wildlife biologist who is familiar with the species.

This process can be seen playing out at state Route 99 and Ming Avenue, where the improvement project has ground to a halt because of the presence of kit foxes.

The state has brought in McCormick Biological, the same company which consulted Bakersfield College, but unlike BC, the state utilized a wildlife biologist from the onset of their project.

BC only brought in McCormick Biological following community complaints about what was occurring to the kit foxes in Memorial Stadium.

BC has since abandoned its plan to spread mulch on the hillside in Memorial Stadium, and over the summer break spread the remaining mulch around campus.

Memorial Stadium has remained untouched since the last portion of mulch was spread in late December 2015 and early January 2016.

Additionally, over the summer break, Anthony Culpepper, who served as Bakersfield College’s vice president of finance and administrative services, accepted a position at the Glendale Community College District.

Culpepper had been at the heart of the investigation into the treatment and removal of the kit foxes who reside in Memorial Stadium.