Male suspect who’s involved in the incident in BC parking lot has been arrested

Mario Saldaña, Digital Content Editor

The Bakersfield Police Department have arrested the suspect who was involved in the incident at the parking lot that involved a woman being sexually harassed on Jan. 23 early in the morning.

The conformation of the arrest came from an email that was sent to BC students by the department of public safety director Christopher Counts with this official statement of events:

“The female student was walking through the south west parking lot, when a white male drove up to her and asked her how to go about purchasing a parking permit. The female student began to explain to him how to do so.

“The male than asked her to come closer to his vehicle stating he couldn’t hear her. When the female walked up to the driver’s door she noticed the male was exposed and touching himself inappropriately. The female started walking away from the vehicle and as the male began to drive away the female student had the presence of mind to get a description of the vehicle and the license plate.

“The female student contacted the public safety office which dispatched officers to the area. Officer J. Mattheus observed the vehicle driving east bound on University Avenue and then turned south bound on Mt. Vernon Avenue. Officer Mattheus followed the suspect and contacted the Bakersfield Police Department via his handheld radio. Officer Mattheus followed the suspect to 24th and Buck Owens Boulevard where Bakersfield Police effected a traffic stop.

“The victim was transported to the scene by another public safety officer and she was able to positively identify the driver of the vehicle as the one who exposed himself to her. The suspect was arrested and booked into the Kern County Central Receiving Facility.

“The department of public safety received a tip that a subject matching the description from the incident Monday was in the area east of campus. Senior officer Sifuentes located the subject and contacted the Bakersfield Police Department. Bakersfield Police arrived on scene and arrested the subject for parole violations and he is also under investigation for additional crimes as well.

“Public safety received several calls from students over the past two days of possible sightings of this subject. Public safety checked out each report and after investigating a report called in today, they were able to locate him, have him arrested, and removed from the college community. Any type of activity such as a crime being committed, suspicious behavior, or anything you think just doesn’t look right to you, should be reported to Public Safety Office at 661-395-4554. Public safety serves the students, staff and faculty of Bakersfield College to provide you with a safe environment for you to attend your studies and work.”